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The Rollercoaster that is App Development

Things are moving fast, guys.

I remember when Boobytrapp was an idea and I imagined how users around the world would have their little breast cancer navigator in their pocket, chatting away with peers and feeling comforted by sharing with others.

Now we are in the midst of development and it’s been a fast learning curve understanding what is involved to go from an idea to an actual app. So many decisions to make and sometimes, what you envisioned turns out to make no sense technically, and you need to go back to the drawing board and revise the concept of an entire feature. Having an amazing team of developers does make a huge difference and we’ve been pleased to see them questioning important points and offering solutions for problems we didn’t know we had.

Being a month away from the beta release, we can now already see Boobytrapp taking shape and how the features are going to look and function. We decided to slim down the app to its core components for beta, which means that the matching feature called TrappMatch and the treatment management feature are in the spotlight.

Sneak peek of the Calendar in our treatment management function (My PA))

While TrappMatch will depend on users participating and connecting with each other, the goal of the treatment management function is to make your schedules as easy and organized as possible without overloading you needlessly. Tracking medication, medical appointments and test results is a big part of this. Connecting those with a specific doctor and category, as in chemo or surgery will help filter the information so you can easily find what you’re looking for.

But when you are a team of two, development is not the only important work being done. You also have to build a community, look for funding, become a social media manager amongst countless other things. It can be daunting at times but that is when we remind ourselves why we are doing this. For everybody whose life has been affected by breast cancer, for all those who have to hear the words “it’s back”, for the ones having to make the decision to have risk reducing surgeries,

for the ones hearing the words “it’s cancer” for the first time.

The thought that we can positively affect these people

gives us more than enough motivation to succeed.

Last week, we went to Singapore for a tech conference. It was encouraging to hear the feedback we got for Boobytrapp. Every single person who had a loved one affected by cancer saw the need for the app and championed the concept. Many of them confessed to not knowing how to help, or even communicate with their loved ones, in those difficult times and welcomed the idea of a way for them to connect with others in their situation. The lucky people we met who had never been affected by cancer in any way were less enthused, in the sense that they needed prompting as to why people would benefit from Boobytrapp. All in all, we left hopeful and even more confident that we’re on the right track.

This is such an exciting and scary time, but we would not want to be in any other place. Stay tuned for the beta announcement and we hope that you will sign up and share to help us make Boobytrapp the best possible app for the breast cancer community!

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