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Meet the Team: Vinh

Today we introduce Vinh, our lead developer. Vinh has been working hard to bring the Boobytrapp project to life alongside his team of five developers. Based in Da Nang city on the central coast of Vietnam, he is responsible for the planning and execution of the app development. I sat down with Vinh to discuss his role in the team and managed to get some insights to Vietnamese living to boot!

Where are you from originally?

I'm from Da Nang city and have always lived here. How long have you been a developer for? I've been a professional developer for 7 years though was a hobbyist long before then!

What's your job title?

I'm a Senior Developer at SmartDev.

Why did you decide to become a developer? Well, it naturally came to me. I liked computers a lot when I was a kid and have always been curious about how things work. I also like gaming and even tried my hand in developing games but it's too hard! After that I decided to become a 'normal' developer! What's your favourite Boobytrapp feature? I really like TrappMatch because I can see the other people that are going through the same thing as me. I can find friends, someone to share and talk with about the illness. It's personal but very private at the same time. We spent a long time ensuring the whole app is completely secure and encrypted and I think that users will appreciate this when it's released. If someone came to Vietnam for the first time on holiday, where would you suggest they go? Go to the Son Tra Mountains on the central coast (about 20 minutes from Da Nang). It's very beautiful and quiet. There's an Intercontinental resort there but it's quite expensive!

The stunning Son Tra Mountains - you can just make out Da Nang in the background.

What's your favourite food? Ice cream (laughs).

I was hoping for something more Vietnamese! What's your favourite local dish?

I enjoy all Vietnamese food but Bun Bo Hué is particularly tasty.

Bun Bo Hué - like a pho on steroids...

What's your favourite thing about Vietnam? The freedom. You can do whatever you want - I think it's a lot less strict than the West with fewer restrictive laws!

That's a great, if a little disturbing, answer. What do you like to do on your time off? Watching a movie in the cinema or going to the beach to relax. That's before I had my son though, now I am kept quite busy with him!

Thank you for your time, Vinh. Keep up the good work and don't go breaking any laws until you've finished developing our app!

I'll try (laughs).

Interviewed by Will Macfarlane (Co-Founder of Boobytrapp) on 28/5/18.

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