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Introducing Boobytrapp

We at Boobytrapp are on a mission to eliminate isolation amongst breast cancer patients worldwide. Almost 2 million women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year. Facing the most common cancer among women is scary, overwhelming, and lonely. But it doesn’t have to be.

The brainchild of co-founder Béatrice Compagnon, Boobytrapp is a revolutionary new mobile app which connects breast cancer patients, and helps them manage and organise their treatment schedule.

Diagnosed with breast cancer on her 37th birthday, Béatrice found an abundance of support from friends and family - but quickly discovered there was no easy way to connect with women who were going through the same thing. Now, nearing her 41st birthday, Béatrice is launching Boobytrapp alongside Will Macfarlane, a tech startup specialist.

In the world of breast cancer there is an abundance of tools and resources for learning and scheduling yet a distinct lack of resources focused on the very human need for connection.

For this reason, Boobytrapp offers a unique social feature alongside treatment management tools and resources, such as:

TrappMatch: Boobytrapp’s standout feature is TrappMatch, which gives users the ability to connect and chat. You can filter who you match with to find the right network of support, from seeking advice on how to break the news to your kids - to discussing reconstruction options. Boobytrapp users can feel confident they’re contributing to a safe and welcoming environment through its private network.

My PA: My PA helps patients efficiently navigate their way through treatment by organising appointments, logging side effects and understanding medical vocabulary. Its calendar integrates seamlessly with Google Calendar and iCalendar, and helps patients organise and track their treatments through a centralised platform.

Glossary & Newsfeed: Boobytrapp also offers a glossary of breast cancer terms, and an innovative smart newsfeed to help patients stay up to date with the latest medical developments customised to their particular diagnosis.

Boobytrapp is in its final stages of prototype development and on track to be launched in late 2018. We are now looking for investors who can help take this important technology global. Millions of women each year come face to face with breast cancer - and Boobytrapp is a vital tool to help empower those women to regain control of their experience. If you’re interested in learning more about Boobytrapp and how you can become involved, please contact

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