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Guest Post: Bridging the Divide by Bullshit Breast Cancer

Mia and Sondra, the amazing women behind the Bullshit Breast Cancer website, are sharing their words with us today. Sondra wrote this powerful reminder that we're stronger together.

If you find yourself faced with a loneliness that is so vicious, it hurts your soul, we will be there to help you heal. 

If your partner doesn't know the authenticity of your aloneness, know someone does because we get it.

If you are always trying to be there the best you can for your loved one's and YET it's still not good enough - maybe they even say and do things to let you know it will never be good enough because you don't start your day at 100% like most people do, we understand because we don’t start our days at 100% either.

If you find yourself not living up to everyone's expectations because your body has been ravaged by chemo, we know exactly how you feel.

If you find yourself going through the motions of countless tests and scans AND then waiting for the results alone, we will help find someone to sit with you and hold your hand through it.

If your every breathing moment spent helping others, yet you're still met with disdain from your community because one person decided not to like you.  And now they've spewed so much nastiness and untruths it can never go back to the undamaged phase, we will stand with you and fight for you.

If you are the recipient of a nasty thing called cancer, and you feel alone because no one in your immediate circle is able to comprehend, you can count on us to show up for you.  

If you find yourself met with more battles, if you go into scans and not too many people truly understand what it is you're dealing with, or if you find yourself on the other end of a situation with someone who is fighting for the same thing you are but who has problem with allowing you to try and find your place in the light....we have your back!  

If you find yourself questioning whether or not your story or your voice matters, we are here to tell you it does!  It matters to us.

Can you imagine having so much support that all the above didn't matter and a newly diagnosed could focus solely on healing and living?!

Keep your head up, look forward, don't allow anyone that hasn't walked the walk into your head space, and remember, we have your back!

And to the breast cancer community we are working harder than ever behind the scenes to make a better place for everyone, not just "our clan'.  We’ve vowed to always be honest with people and we won't stop now.

There's an endless amount of work to be done in our community for all stages, all people, because we know support is vital to thriving through the shit show that is cancer.  

But we know unity is possible - that we are stronger together - and we will not quit working until the divide is bridged, because all of you and this community means far to much to us not to fight for it.


Bullshit Breast Cancer

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