GDPR Compliance

Updated: September 9th 2018


GDPR Compliance


At Boobytrapp we take our users data and its security incredibly seriously. We have built the app with only the best level of security in mind. Examples of this include 2-step authentication for new users on the app, end-to-end encryption of messages in-app and high-level security on our cloud-based database, stored on an Amazon Web Server (AWS).


Below you can find the measures we have taken to ensure we are GDPR compliant. You can read more about GDPR compliance here.


We have identified an appropriate lawful basis for the processing of any personal data that we collect as is set out in our Privacy Policy. We do not undertake any unlawful actions with any personal data we collect.


We have considered how the processing may affect the individuals concerned and only use personal data to enhance the user experience on our app or for direct communication from Boobytrapp as is explained within the Privacy Policy. Any changes to the use of personal data will be explicitly communicated to the user.


We are entirely open and honest with how any personal data is used and stored. The user can request for their personal data to be shared with them, altered or permanently deleted from our secure database at any point. Note that should the user wish to action any of the above, a security check verifying their identity would need to be undertaken beforehand.


We adhere to the data minimisation principle, meaning we only acquire adequate, relevant and limited personal data to what is necessary in relation to the purposes for which they are processed. An example of this is the collection of date of birth data so that users are able to filter by age within the TrappMatch feature on the app.


We have appropriate processes in place to check the accuracy of the data we collect through quarterly audits from our Data Protection Officer (DPO).


Our standard retention policy dictates that should a user be inactive on the app for a period of twelve (12) months, their personal data will be removed from the database though they will have the option to re-register with the app, should they wish to do so.

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