You can now download the Boobytrapp beta from the Google Play Store and from the App Store!

As mentioned before, this is a BETA version of the app, which means it has limited features and some of them may still need a bit of work.

We started developing in April and wanted to get Boobytrapp to you as soon as possible because we believe that your feedback should be integrated into the final version of the  app.


Please have a read below for a bit more info on what to expect for now.


In the meantime, thank you for being a founding member of our community!


Your Boobytrapp team



In order to be able to match with others, you have to set up the Trappmatch filter. Since this is beta

and there will not be so many people on it at first, we recommend to leave the distance to infinite

and the age from 18 to 99. You can also leave the type of cancer and stage empty, which will

allow you to see the profiles of everybody that is on Boobytrapp right now.


For now, when chatting with someone, you will not see the person’s profile picture but only the

Boobytrapp logo. This will change very soon.

In a group message, we are aware that you can not the see the participants or edit the group,

that is also going to be different in the update.


You will be able to export the calendar in the next update of Boobytrapp.

To edit or delete Categories and Doctors, please go to Calendar Settings.


In the next release of Boobytrapp, you will be able to export your calendar to email in order to

share it with your medical team or your caregivers.


Medication is going to look a lot different in the next release: you will be able to add dosage,

the reminder will be not only by hour but also by day, it will be linked to the calendar, you will

be able to take a picture of the actual medication box and to export it all to email.

For now, you can add the name of the medication and set a reminder for a particular time every

day and you can use the “notes” to indicate the dosage and other relevant information.


For now, you can not skip adding treatment when you register but we will change that in the

future for our previvors that haven’t had any treatment yet.

For now, treatment only shows the category in the timeline, aka “Surgery” or “Chemo”. In our

next update, you will be able to see what was done, as in “Mastectomy”, “Taxol”.



For now, you can search the glossary and in the future, the glossary will be linked to more

information about your specific search online.



We’d love to hear your thoughts, good and bad, and you can get in touch with us anytime

in the app (Contact Us) or at info@boobytrapp.io

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